Just in Time: Sweet Secrets in Pennsylvania


In this next adventure, George and Gracie travel back in time to Hershey, Pennsylvania1907. Their mission: to return an antique rug and rescue their parents. When the time machine lands them smack dab in the middle of a barn, George turns into . . . something pretty weird. And Gracie drives a car into a fence. They meet Milton Hershey, the chocolate king, who invites them to be his chocolate tasters. But when George and Gracie discover a plot to steal Mr. Hersheys perfectand secretchocolate recipe, they put themselves in danger to stop the thieves. Meanwhile, the evil villain, Crowe, is two steps from catching them and their time machineand he’s closing in!

Just in Time has time travel, sibling rivalry, humor and American history all wrapped into an adventure both parents and kids will adore.
—Liesl Shurtliff, author of Rump: The True Story of Rumpelstiltskin

“”Kids are going to enjoy this fast-paced, sometimes funny and always heartfelt, adventure that blurs science fiction with history. George and Gracie are heroes for the ages—past and present. Can they save their parents? Only time will tell.””  —Kathi Appelt, Newbery Honor winner of The Underneath