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  • Kyra Leigh, Queen Bee
    When it comes to writing, you have the freedom to do whatever you want. Build worlds with little green men with big floppy hats. Create characters that are so flawed you wonder how they get out of bed in the … Continue reading →
  • Three Things Thursday
    Carol I can’t decide if this is Three Thing Thursday or Three Things Thursday. What do you think?     Cheryl My latest idea in character development is using the 36 “love questions” to understand my characters better. You may … Continue reading →
  • Fifteen-Minute Monday
    This morning I thought of coming up with ideas in places that may be a little unusual. Peace like a River, that title, comes from Isaiah (I think–yup! Isaiah 66:12). What could you take from scriptures? The True Colors of … Continue reading →
  • Three Thing Thursday
    Carol   Nine Things You Could Add to Your Scenes Today a family joke the names of your three favorite cousins your deepest, darkest secret your favorite song something you make up from nothing–like your own Proverbs  make up your … Continue reading →
  • Fifteen Minute Monday
    Today is the first real day since my last day of class. I gave myself the weekend to rejoice and even slept in this morning (I didn’t want to, dang it.). I love teaching. LOVE IT. But I want to … Continue reading →

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