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  • Sweet Friday with Lisa
    Carol has asked this question. Others have asked. I’m sure more will in the future. But I thought I’d pose the question yet again. Why do you write? Not why you wrote yesterday, or maybe got a degree in writing, … Continue reading →
  • Three Thing Thursday
    From me: Look what I found! I’m getting ready to rite a mystery novel. And here’s a site that says more than, Just Do it.   From Cheryl: Lately I’ve been writing short stories, which is nice, because I … Continue reading →
  • Freaky Friday by Lisa
    I’ve had this thought the past couple of days to sack the first novel that I wrote, bury all the paper copies I have somewhere in the woods and let animals devour them when they’re too starving or lazy to … Continue reading →
  • Three Thing Thursday
    Carol: How can I already be behind? Why aren’t I rich and why don’t I have someone to run my errands and clean my house and pull my weeds? Why isn’t there someone to cook my meals? To force me … Continue reading →
  • Hello Friends.
    I want to share a little story with you: I’m the bear leader in cub scouts. I don’t very much love being the Bear leader but it’s growing on me. One day, at Den Meeting, the boys are sitting there at … Continue reading →

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